IMAGINE an Area of Your Yard Devoted to FRUITS!

We carry a wide selection of plants that are known to succeed in the Maryland area. You will see a list of our current inventory below. These plants are typically in stock through May.

For more details on each fruit please use the link to our grower Hollybrook Orchards

Apple – Arkansas Black, Cox Orange Pip, Honeycrisp, Red Winesap
Apricot – Goldcot
Cherry – Bing, Montmorency, White Gold
Crabapple – Firecracker
Peach – Belle of Georgia, Blushings, Elberta, Indian Blood, Loring
Pear – 20th Century, Hosui, and Shinseiki Asian; Hardy Giant
Persimmon – Ha Chiya, Jiro
Nut – Chinese Chestnut
Olive – Arbequina
Paw Paw
Plum – Sanat Rosa, Shiro Dwarf

Blackberry – Baby Cakes, Chester, Trifle
Blueberry – Blue Crop, Duke
Ficus(Fig) – Brown Turkey, Celeste
Raspberry – Black Bristol, Red Caroline, Red Heritage, Shortcake