Isn’t there something calming, when watching birds as they scamper about feeding?  Good Earth wants to be your Bird Center. No matter the species of birds who are visiting your yard, chances are we have the seed to feed them.  We have an excellent selection of Lyric Bird Seed, Suet, and Bird Houses.  Good Earth prefers Lyric, since it has a higher ratio of seed over filler.  Learn more about Lyric Bird Seed and check out the photo gallery of birds to help identify the birds in your yard HERE.

We have a wide selection of Bird Food and Feeders.

  • Quality “No Waste” highly nutritious Lyric Brand Bird Food.
  • Large Value Bagged Bird Food at very competitive prices.
  • Specialty Bird Foods like Shelled Seeds (Sunflower, Safflower & Peanuts) and Meal Worms for those picky eaters… such as Blue Jays and Bluebirds.

Don’t want to mess with birdseed and filling feeders?

Try seed blocks and suet cakes.  Simply unwrap and drop it into your block/suet feeder…Easy refill.

Got Squirrels?  We have solutions:

  • Squirrel Resistant Feeders
  • Chili Pepper treatment for seed
  • Baffels to keep ’em from climbing Bird Feeder pole

For the Squirrel and other wildlife lovers… 

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em….

Squirrels are very territorial. When fed away from your bird feeders, they will protect the area from other squirrels entering, hence keep away from the bird feeders.

A well fed squirrel is a happy one and we have just the food mix for it.