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How to Start Seeds for the Springtime



Choosing the Right Houseplant for Your Home – Zoom Workshop Recording

Planting a Tree or Shrub Webinar — Zoom Workshop Recording

Putting the Garden to Bed – Zoom Workshop Recording

Your Best Defenses Against Deer & Rabbits

Fall Lawn Care – Zoom Workshop Recording

AQUAPOTS – Your container garden best friend



Why You Should Pick Up Your Christmas Tree Early

Watering Mums the right way

Fall is Here at Good Earth 2019!

We love to celebrate the Autumn season, and we officially welcomed fall on September 23rd. Take a look at all that we offer here at Good Earth and stop on by to get your fall on.


The Best Houseplants for Low Light, Small Rooms, or Office Spaces

We are here bringing you your best options for low-light rooms, office spaces, dorm rooms, or anything where your plant choices might be narrowed down.

Treating a Houseplant for Scale

Scale is a common bug infestation where the culprit sucks the sap out of a plant! You can find these meanies on all kinds of plants, and this Dracaena we are featuring here, is a houseplant that found itself covered in Scale. We will be using a primarily organic method of killing and further preventing this insect. Enjoy our light-hearted video!

Watering Your Newly Plant Tree or Shrub

Your shrub or tree is in the ground, and now you have to babysit it…. Watering is an essential part of establishing a plant properly into the ground, while also allowing it to be able to search for its own water overtime.

Celebrate Fall With Good Earth (2018)

Here at Good Earth, we aim to serve our customers with the best quality and service, and celebrating the cooler weather of Autumn is no exception. We have varieties of pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, apple cider, and more.

Caring For Hydrangeas

Here at Good Earth, we are going to be walking through the basic necessities of taking care of Hydrangeas – a beautiful, blooming shrub that everyone loves!

How to Take Care of A Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

Sansevieria, commonly known as Snake Plants, is one of the easiest indoor plants to take care of. We will walk you through all the necessities to let these bad boys thrive in your home!

Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs with Espoma Organic Holly Tone

Learn how to use Espoma Organic Holly-tone and Plant-tone on your trees and shrubs.

Planting and Fertilizing Bulbs

Learn how to plant and fertilize fall and spring bulbs.

Succulent Soles Workshop

Learn how to plant an unused shoe up with some gorgeous succulents! A great addition to your home.


Starting Seeds Indoors

Learn the easy steps to sowing seeds indoors.