In-store purchases only for trees.



Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir trees are our most popular Christmas trees. Originating in North Carolina, these trees have the traditional shape and classic scent. These trees have soft, green needles with a beautiful bluish underside. They have sturdy yet flexible branches, perfect for all of your ornaments. When kept in water, this tree should last into February. Will shed some needles naturally.

Prices run $69-$189.

To inquire about trees bigger than 10ft, please call one of our locations at Sandy Spring: 301-774-2631 or Potomac: 301-765-0224.

Concolor Fir

Also known as the White Fir, native to mountains of western North America.  This tree is recognizably lighter in color compared to the dark green of the Fraser Fir, excellent needle retention, pleasing shape, and a unique citrusy fragrance!  Should last into February when in water.  Very little shedding overall.

Prices run $69-$169. These are in-store ONLY. Call us at 301-765-0224 (Potomac) or 301-774-2631 (Sandy Spring).

Turkish Fir

A different Christmas tree, but beautiful nonetheless! It is a full tree with dark green needles and very sturdy branches… perfect for a family who has a ton of ornaments!  Keeps its needles longer than any other tree. 

Prices run $79-$259.

After check out for either Delivery or Installation, we will call you to get the additional payment for the service and schedule you for a date. 

Taking care of your Christmas Tree

We sell & highly recommend Cinco tree stands. In fact, when you purchase your tree stand from us we will put it on your tree for as long as you own that tree stand. The large reservoir and strong stable design make this a game-changer for your fresh cut Christmas tree.  We offer a trade-in discount of up to $15 on a new Cinco stand if you want to put the old stand to pasture.  

Once your tree gets a fresh cut at the bottom and is placed in the stand, your only job (besides decorating and enjoying it) is not to let your tree stand reservoir go dry.  Your tree will drink up lots of water the first week or so of the cut.  Add Prolong tree preservative to the water to extend the life of your tree and help with needle retention.  Just add 4 tablespoons per gallon of water.  Makes 4 gallons

Driveway Drop Off Delivery Pricing

Trees up to 9 ft: $29

Trees taller than 9ft: $55

Delivery + Installation of Tree Stand-up to 9ft: $39

Delivery + Installation of Tree Stand over 9ft: $65

Our delivery service is limited to Montgomery County only.  

We will call you to set up a delivery day and time.  We can only install a customer-provided Cinco tree stand.  Please leave the stand and a bucket of water for the delivery person. The tree will be left in the driveway or on the sidewalk. 

In-home Tree Setup:

Also known as the “Marriage Saver,” our in-home installation service takes the hassle and argument out of setting up your Christmas tree. Sit back and relax as Good Earth relieves this particular stress around the Holidays.

**For the safety of our employees and you, all employees will be wearing masks, gloves, shoe booties, staying socially distant, and sanitizing between customers. We respectfully ask that you wear a mask while your in-home installation is in progress.***

Trees 5/6-6/7ft: $69

Trees 7/8-8/9ft: $89

Trees 9ft+: $119

Our tree setup service is provided in Montgomery County only.  We will call to schedule your set up appointment.



Good Earth is committed to helping you and your family during this unusual Christmas season. We want our employees and our customers to feel safe in our environment. If you come to our store to select your Christmas tree, we ask that all individuals are wearing a proper mask and maintain a minimum 6-foot distance from our employees and other customers outside of your party. We will have an outside register for parties that do not want to check out indoors. 

Throughout the season, we will regularly follow updates from the CDC and Maryland’s status to determine if things will need to change. We will be transparent with our customers about all changes!